Lulu: The App That Can Help Women Make Smarter Dating Decisions

TL;DR: If you’ve ever wished you might review the inventors you date, or perhaps the men you know who would make good dates, like you evaluate restaurants, subsequently Lulu is going to make all of your aspirations come true. Just like the first-ever application for women, Lulu is actually taking the lead in this market, assisting ladies generate better dating decisions and guys become better daters.

From Amazon to Yelp, we’re in some sort of where people love to examine things. Everybody else can not wait to fairly share their particular viewpoint regarding their most recent dinner or the last apartment they stayed in, exactly what in regards to the latest guy they proceeded a night out together with?

Really Lulu is the ideal outlet for performing just that.

Cofounded in 2013 by Alexandra Chong and Alison Schwartz, Lulu is a private social network that offers ladies the chance to rate the men they date, recommend date-worthy dudes and share private encounters with countless various other similar females.

It is like speaking with your absolute best friend

Chong and Schwartz had gotten the concept for Lulu after Chong had a memorable all-girls brunch experience. From switching tales about jobs to Valentine’s Day ideas, she expected she could bottle that sense of companionship and set it to good usage.

In 2013, that vision turned into a reality by means of Lulu, a space where women feels safe when discussing their own really love life.

Director of promotional Deborah Singer said it has been a long time coming for a software similar to this in the business, specially with recommendations being so popular in other areas of life.

“ladies these days have guidelines about everything in their unique lives… yet do not get suggestions for one thing as important as relationships and dates,” she stated. “We genuinely believe that’s a really crucial place for women getting updated and have now info [about] to truly generate wiser choices for themselves.”

Whether it is status males they have gone around with, recommending top-notch dudes to many other users or creating buddy associations, Lulu has made a life threatening influence.

“i believe we’re taking another details coating to the online dating area,” Singer said. “Dating is an activity it doesn’t have that information level, so we see ourselves as getting details to this industry.”

Lulu shines off their apps because Chong and Schwartz, including everyone in the staff, allow their characters shine through, providing off that feeling of chatting with a very great girl.

In accordance with Singer, Lulu is specially preferred among college women, who are in an innovative new internet dating ecosystem and are also interested in female friends to visit for guidelines regarding the men they are satisfying on campus.

Lulu additionally places the privacy and safety of its members initially. The application uses Facebook to make sure that sex, get older lesbian (no body under 17 is actually allowed to join) and friends groups.

But try not to think men are not enabled in this women club

In May, Lulu permitted guys to start by using the app should they had been interested in getting evaluated.

Male users is able to see their unique general score and which hashtags ladies are using to describe them, like “#AlwaysHappy” or “#WearsEdHardy.”

But they can also access information that presents exactly how women rank all of them on qualities such as for instance humor, kissing abilities and more.

Lulu’s article staff actually provides men skilled articles that offer online dating advice for the certain specified areas needed improvement in.

Women also can ask the males their unique opinions on various subjects, such as rectal intercourse or generating dedication.

Thus far significantly more than 1 million men have actually accompanied, with the average analysis being a seven, many also check the software 3 x per day.

“We saw that there was actually an actual appetite from dudes to kind of get statistics by what females happened to be stating about all of them,” Singer stated. “Our objective is always to really help men enhance. Exactly like you would utilize Bing statistics on your own web site to enhance it, this is types of Google Analytics for dudes.”

Generating a secure, good atmosphere for all

Unlike internet sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, Lulu will not enable ladies to publish available commentary inside their reviews.

Ladies are given multiple-choice possibilities whenever looking at the males also ladies can concur or disagree making use of the review, which Singer mentioned encourages a positive environment but helps to keep user reviews from being needlessly mean.

“we are rating men and women – we’re rating dudes. We all know that this is a delicate and provocative thing to be performing, therefore might like to do it in a thoughtful way as well as in a constructive way,” she said. “We heard from the very start from ladies they failed to wish to be part of some thing mean, therefore we chose this style would preserve that ecosystem.”

Lulu uses that same style in the future whenever increasing with other popular verticals like charm, vacation or business.

“you want to go to someplace where women can be going to Lulu and it is sorts of their major place to go for getting information off their ladies,” Singer stated. “We’re actually centered on the merchandise and continuing to construct how to help females share even more and obtain referrals.”

If you’re ready to unleash your girl chat, down load Lulu (for free!) inside application Store or Bing Play.